Okay! This is 1 of the most exciting things I wanted to do as community director, make every month more fun! Anyway, I'm gonna put some events here, and I ask of everyone to try to participate. These will help grow community bonds! Take part and become friends with fellow contributers!

This is only on a trial basis. Please do not abuse these events. They are meant to be fun!

  • Excited moodlet icon1st: New Year Smiley Day: Get into the new year spirit! On this day, everybody must try use at least 1 emoticon when talking to somebody else! Check out our brand new emoticons here!
  • Moodlet funAdvice 3rd: IRC Day: Everybody should have the IRC open in another browser! On this day, we all just take a break from all the hard work we do, and just chat with everyone else!
  • Birthday cake26th: Tamara destiny's birthday: Everybody wish her a happy b-day!
  • 30th: Contest Winner:The Gallery Creation Contest winner will be announced! Till then, participate!
  • Moodlet no frame newspaper30th: Caption Contest: Yay! It's back! This time, the winners caption will be featured on the main page! Are you ready to make headlines?

All these events are optional to take part in, but please do if you find time!

It's gonna be a fun, exiting, weird and crazy month!

Have Fun!

BobNewbie talkblog. Community Director.