Hey everybody! I would just like to thank you all for all the hard work you are doing on this wiki. Its truly amazing!

Well anyway, I would just like to give you all (excluding vandals) a invite to a new wiki I created.

Ever sit on the couch, remote in hand, going through the endless realms of TV? You think to yourself, "You call that a reality show, where are the explosions?" or, "Now that is one very sappy drama, I can't believe its still on". Well, this is your wiki, where you create your TV series, where you say who dies, who gets together, who survives the coma, who gets eliminated, who's voted off and why. Where you make the characters, the episodes, the storyline. This is your TV!

As the above paragraph suggests, you can create your own reality show, drama show, fictional documentry, characters, episodes, spin-offs and more!!! Its really fun!

Also, we require admins and rollbacks. So, apply!

If you are an admin on another site, contact me, and if I am allowed to post an invite like this on your wiki, you may do the same.

Good luck!

P.S.' This blog is not spam. A admin was contacted and asked for permission to post this invite.