Again, " The Sims "? Make no mistake, this time everything is different. Instead of the same eternal life simulation audition, EA has decided, with "The Sims: Middle Ages" to go Wete new. Whether this path leads to the goal, we can answer you. Read Our Review!


Unlike recently released add-ons to " The Sims 3 "is" The Sims: Middle Ages "has its own game, and even in the first minutes of the game, this is more than just clear. Are you the watchman, a kind of divinity, and with heroes and / or sovereign nations may steer you to all. You create a Sim, the externals with talent and a great weakness comes up next, and get things done. Are you interested?


As usual, even in all other parts, you may create your own hero. But be careful, because not only the appearance will be changed, you can give to your characters, two levels and a great weakness. Gone are the days when you could give your Sim a pseudo weakness as "order madness," which you then have to facilitate playing. No, in "The Sims: Middle Ages" They have significant drawbacks in the fight, if your Sim can be slight or even in diplomacy, when they leave the Sim will be awkward and cheeky. Yes, that's right: It's not about life itself, but a real story you are living with your heroes. Be it the career of a nobleman or a diplomatic contentious duelists, in "The Sims: Middle Ages" You can virtually play through all that they can only be possible. In addition it is also still working on the capabilities of the Sims and to chop wood and to refine the relationship of your heroes.

Me personally, the new gameplay style of the current part more than pleased, because here it's still always about fulfilling your life dreams Sims, however, the garment has been revamped powerful. It is now a storyline that may follow the, and the drawn out tutorial shows you what is possible. Of duels over the collection of resources to the execution of tasks gets "The Sims: Middle Ages," a lot of bonds with various role-play what the franchise is doing more than just good. It may well go on, even if the duels do not really allowed to engage in large, but for the mood it always helps when you cross the blade and your Sim in a duel is victorious. The animations were revised to more majestic and old-fashioned teeter therefore the Sims. Even if the Simlish has not changed - it's almost prestigious, well it has managed the language like - the atmosphere in "The Sims: Middle Ages" is unparalleled. Hats off!

Graphics and Sound

Graphically, it depends how much your usual PC hardware used on what results you achieve. On our test PC with average graphics solution saw "The Sims: Middle Ages" is a little bit better than " The Sims 3 ", where you have to say that the view is much play along here. The camera is in fact very fixated on your Sim, so you do not come up with the idea themselves on the way to look around the neighborhood and some homes to snoop into other! Rather, it will like you to send to make the mirror before and just in the mood of the game to sink.

The sound is divorced from the first minutes of the game on very wide and can not leave your ears as fast as the usual Simlish -babble of the mouths of the protagonists quickly from acoustic habit provides. The orchestral accompaniment but the white counter sent quickly and provides for medieval mood, just to set the game a that time located in this!


The handling of the title is much the control of the predecessor inspired by, as far as you can expect nothing new. Exclusively with the mouse, you can perform a variety of errands, but with the keyboard and the associated keyboard shortcuts you can in no time cause just the same. Whether moving between the floors, track your Sims or switching the display between needs and objectives: This has "The Sims: Middle Ages" slightly improved. The mini-icons, which you removed Sims's far without that you have to wear this look, improved behavior in the game to. However, it is still the case that a properly dynamic play is hardly look for your target (be it the closet, a Sim or a shrub), to click it, select from the radial menu, your action will at worst, even in a sub-item and then select the desired activity. Everything else, can be shortened or even skip around, but the basic gameplay mechanics - the interaction - to play this part like any other. That is unfortunate, but these are tears over spilled milk: The game is so one of the most fun of the series, and that's what it's all that matters.


The attractive look, a revised history, the cool sound and all the trappings (animations, decoration, language) contribute to a larger whole in which fresh air to the " The Sims "series brings. While " The Sims 3 "with all its add-ons repetitive gameplay was rumored slow already, so "added Electronic Arts' The Sims: The Middle Ages probably got it right. What I'm at " The Sims , "" The Sims 2 "and" The Sims 3 was missing "- a kind of personal attachment to the character - was now with drums and trumpets filed later, and I have to say: So I like the franchise much better! Likewise, the atmosphere is gone, which I think has followed the old parts for: the past, it was all about pure survival and regular showers, the urine in the right place to be and not to drown in the pool. In "The Sims: Middle Ages" Electronic Arts finally took to the game, the players like I waited a long time already, and this story seems a balance between need satisfaction and experience of a finite intact.


A positive surprise in " The Sims "front: good story, a lot of variety and great fun! This part is a complete success and fans more than worth a look for. Optics, history and sound work together and produce one of the best parts of " The Sims "series, the best part of me for ever. Although control problems are still easily available, but here is the franchise on a path to recovery. If you want to be the surprise of Sims, I can give you "The Sims: Middle Ages" strongly recommend, for me personally, they have a pleasant surprise. No doubt.

This was taken, directly translated and slightly modified from [1].