It may have taken me a lot longer to earn this promotion than I had originally predicted, but the discussion period for my third RfA was ended yesterday, and a consensus in favour of my promotion was reached. And I was granted administrative rights as a result.

Despite my efforts to keep the floorboards in place before my second RfA back in February this year, I still had a bit of an issue with some gaps wide enough to let laminated pages slip through. And because of that, some users had their doubts about whether I could be trusted with the administrative tools here. But I guess I am now doing a better job with those floorboards.

Even during my third RfA I knew that some of my flaws would be pointed out. But I'm very grateful that for once, most of them were not accompanied with a "neutral" or an "oppose" statement. Thanks for trusting that I can handle the responsibilities of an administrator. Like several administrators before me, I will be careful not to make a fool of myself, and to use the administrative tools only when the time is right, and not on a regular basis as I would do with the non-administrative tools.

So, once again, thanks for giving me a chance to serve this wiki as an administrator. It may take me a few days to get used to being an administrator on a larger wiki like the Sims wiki, since I've never actually been an administrator, except on smaller wikis, before. But a larger wiki with a larger community means that there are more users to help. We are all editors who contribute here because we enjoy it, and we all help each other, for the benefits of the wiki and the community as a whole.