A month after my RfA was declined, I said to myself "There is no doubt that I am a good editor here, but even great editors have moments when they say 'What can I do to make my editing skills even better than they already are?'"

Because of this. I was inspired to make a blog regarding my daily wiki editing. With the creation of this user blog, I will ensure that the number of daily editing mistakes I make and the basic rules that I may forget from time to time will be reduced, and I will master the ropes that I am currently learning.

New Tactics

Yessir these are my latest and greatest set of tactics. Only came into mind one third into November.

  • I know use the preview button before I hit publish - a very nice rope that came into mind. I never bothered to use this button until recently because I underestimated the advantage I'd receive. No wonder I used to make so many mistakes. But I can't and won't let my care down.
  • Work some more on some of the other wikis that I contribute to - The Wikipedia and C.Syde's Wiki - my very own wiki - so I can take a break from this wiki and avoid making those avoidable mistakes. Another big advantage.

A list of all the ropes that I have learned or am learning:

  • Avoiding those 'avoidable mistakes
  • Not make false assumptions regarding a certain user and their sockpuppets
  • Not be so quick to hit the 'publish' button
  • Assume good faith
  • Use a descriptive edit summary
  • Take care not to make rash decisions
  • Not use Rollback on good faith edits, even if they are clearly pointless
  • Keep a level head
  • Improve my daily punctuation
  • Take the time to make sure I say everything I want to say the first time round
  • Think things through carefully
  • Create draft templates in the sandbox before publishing them as serious content
  • Not use Rollback in Sandbox, unless I am reverting my own edits.
  • Avoid triggering an avoidable edit conflict.
  • Not add rumours, opinions, or off-topic discussions to talk pages.
  • Not be so pre-cautious.
  • Not issue level 2 warnings to users unless they are clearly acting in bad faith.
  • Not overuse links, especially not in talk and forum namespaces.
  • Not openly engage in actions on unconfirmed sockpuppets, as it counters good faith.
  • Use the preview button before publishing
  • Improve my mediawiki editing skills - on my test wiki
  • Improve my template editing skills - on my test wiki
  • Do a google search before undoing good faith revisions by anons.
  • Not remove red links from pages of users, including anons who haven't edited in years.

If you think I'm missing something, don't hesitate to tell me!

Also if you notice me make a certain mistake or forget to follow a basic rule, you should tell me!

I really don't want to have to repeat the same mistake or forget to follow the same basic rule, however slippery or un-slippery my mind is.

Even if I don't usually make a certain mistake more than once.

We'll see if I don't change my patterns and become the good user that I'm entitled to be.

-- C.Syde (talk | contribs)