Issue LVI
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18th October 2015

Hello The Sims Wiki! C.Syde65 here with the 56th issue of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper!

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Attention members of the Fanon Peer Review Team! We have a number of fanons waiting to be reviewed at The Sims Wiki:Fanon Peer Review Team/Fanon for review. As a member, you should be taking some time out of your schedule to help out in this area of the wiki. Please be sure to clear the backlog of requests when you have the time. Thanks!

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Writer's Pick - Cillia Arnez by Facebookerror

Have you ever heard about one of the residents of Strangetown? - Cillia Arnez (née Delgapho), a former resident of Riverview? When Cillia was younger, she loved on a farm near the outskirts of Riverview with her parents Iva and Alva, and her older brother Alvin. She had always been flexible since childhood, never once turning down the opportunity to help her mother in the garden, even if she would rather be watching television with her brother.

She didn't have very many friends at school, since a lot of the other children found her weird. Cillia liked to help out the teachers, which caused the other children to bully her and accuse her of being the teacher's pet. But Cillia's life turned around when she grew up and moved to Strangetown, becoming one of the more popular residents of the neighbourhood, being admired by almost everyone in town, except Olive Specter who holds a mutual dislike towards Cillia.

Weekly Celebrity - Kiki Alvi by DarkSuicune2000

You people think you know what Kiki has been through. No, no, no, no, Wrong! You have no idea what she has been through. Her mother Shaniqua Kid died from giving birth to Kiki. Her father Travis McNay is rumoured to have died in a suspicious pool ladder accident shortly after his girlfriend - as they were not yet married - died. Or perhaps he drowned himself on purpose so as to join her in the afterlife.

Kiki was never the best student during her years of schooling. After high school, she moved in with her friend Iqbal because she needed to place to stay. Or maybe she needed someone to love? Unfortunately the results did not pay off, as Kiki became the parent of two children she never wanted to have! Not more than a few years later, Kiki decided that she couldn't take the irony anymore, so she got divorced from her husband Iqbal, and moved in with her twin sister, the famous Rhiannon McNay-Kid! Now of course, Kiki is free to live the life that until now, she could only dream of living.

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Have a fabulous week, everyone! ― C.Syde (talk | contribs) 00:06, October 18, 2015 (UTC)

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