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22nd November 2015

Hello The Sims Wiki! C.Syde65 here with the 61st issue of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper!

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Hot Story - After Sims 3 by DarkSuicune2000

Nia Toadstool woke up. Her alarm clock woke her up. It was a nice, soothing song that made Nia calm and relaxed when she woke. Today, she was gonna need it! It was Nia's first day of school. Normally Nia wasn't a morning person, but today she was absolutely beaming! The day she'd been waiting for since the day she left the 8th grade last July 11th!

"Yes! First day of school!" Nia said, energised. She went to her closet and pulled out her pre-planned outfit. It was a red shirt, tight blue jeans, and pink shoes. Nia put them on and tied her hair back into a ponytail.

She walked downstairs to the kitchen, opened the fridge and started eating strawberries, her favourite fruit. Her mum, Harmony came through the backyard. "Hey! I was watering the petunias. Ready for school?" she asked. "You bet it!" Nia said. "Who's that woman next door, mum?"

"Oh, she's this really nice old lady named Gorda!" Harmony said. "Huh, interesting name." Nia looked outside and saw their next-door neighbour Gorda watering a plant. She was extremely fat. She had a look that made her seem miserable. "She told me she's moving here because someone, who murdered her son, lives here and she's trying to figure out who did it,"

"Oh my gosh, I hope she finds out who did it and puts them in jail!" Nia said. She couldn't imagine having a child of her's murdered. "Yes, it's sad that anyone would do such a thing... Anyway, let's go drive you to school!"............

Weekly Celebrity - Eliza Manhattan by Rizkirafu

Elizabeth Manhattan is the only daughter of Peter and Jessica Manhattan. She and her mother, Jessica, went to Twinbrook to visit Thomas and Magdalena. They met Arthur and Marcy Williams, who were also on their way to the Redfield household.

During dinner time, Eliza wondered where Leona and Jean were, causing Jessica to ask about John's whereabouts. Thomas then revealed that they were right and John left to Sunset Valley with his family. However, at the end, John and his family unexpectedly came and made a visit. Eliza was so happy to see her cousins once more.

She and her mother Jessica were watching the race that Peter participated in. However, during the last lap of the race, Peter got an accident and must hospitalised. Her father survived, but his career as an Equestrian was ended. Following this, both Peter and Jessica forbade Eliza to ride horses again, worrying that she would end up like her father.

Months later, Eliza continued her routines as usual. She was seen hanging out with her best friend, Maisy when her mother called her. On her way home, Eliza met Holly Alto, who asked her the direction to the Equestrian Center.

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