Issue LXX
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24 January 2016

Hello The Sims Wiki! C.Syde65 here with the 70th issue of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper!

Fanon News

Fanon awaiting peer review

Attention members of the Fanon Peer Review Team! As always, there are a number of fanons waiting to be reviewed at The Sims Wiki:Fanon Peer Review Team/Fanon for review. Any time you can spare to help clear the backlog and help our writers to improve would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Old favourites returned

Regular fanon readers may have noticed that several of our past featured fanons have made a comeback somewhat recently! PVCS vs STM football, Plumb(b)ob PD and The Genesis Project have all released new installments, among many other excellent fanons. Catch up or start reading if you fancy a break from editing.

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Must Reads

Want your fanon to appear on this list? Please nominate it! We are always looking for excellent fan fictions to feature here?

Hot Story - Potter Family by Icemandeaf

After Kyle found himself in The Genesis Project, he tried to develop his pottery skills before he became pregnant with Martin. He tried to tend to his home business of selling pottery to his neighbours, continue to improve his pottery skills, and care for his son Martin after he was born.

Connor was born to Matt two days before Martin, which was fine with Kyle, since he would only have to care for one of the boys. Kyle gave birth to his youngest son Jason, when Martin was a toddler. Kyle had improved his pottery skills significantly by this time, and was able to manage his home business to some extent, so it was a little easier for him to take care for his two sons.

Kyle could focus on improving his pottery skill and growing his home business some more, once Martin had grown into a child. He was able to focus entirely on the orders to provide for everyone in the neighbourhood, by the time Martin was a teenager, and Jason a child. Martin meanwhile tended to the business, while Jason played like the free "as a bird" child that he was. Jason's older brother Martin also took a dab of pottery during slow periods.

When Martin became a young adult, and Jason became a teenager, their father Kyle decided to buy one of the lots that Tyler had to expand his pottery business. Once Kyle had become an elder, Jason became a young adult, and it was then that the business really started to grow. Shortly after Martin became an adult, he gave birth to Kevin sired by David Harper. Martin gave birth to Adam a couple of days later, sired by Timothy Taylor.

Weekly Celebrity - Jason Bourne by Sims2Player

Jason Bourne is the middle son of Matthew and Cassandra Bourne. His younger brother is Michael J. Bourne, and his older brother is Drake Bourne.

Jason couldn't be happier having a job in the army. I mean what could be better than a military dream come true. Just one problem - Jason has the potential to be a General, or should at least have a better job than the one he currently has - cleaning latrines.

Even with his high charisma, Jason finds it difficult to find true love. Not everyone has it easy when it comes to romance.

Jason's parents died in a fire accident when he was a child, and a Social Worker (Not even going to trouble to discover which Social Worker it was :P) took them away to an orphanage. Jason was enrolled at a school with only boys. Apparently he spends the majority of his time practicing ballet, but whether this is a fact or fiction remains unconfirmed as of writing this.

When Jason became a teenager, he signed himself up as a recruit in the military. Leaving his two brothers in the orphanage, he had only limited contact with them, because some lowlife loser had to pick up the phone to call his love interest, leaving Jason crying alone in the toilet. After Jason's 18th birthday, he left the army to reunite with his beloved brothers in Flower City.

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Have a fantastic week, everyone! ― C.Syde (talk | contribs) 20:28, January 23, 2016 (UTC)

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