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    January 26, 2014 by Carman39

    Who else watches the sims 3 series Anon (currently on season 7) on YouTube. Anon is a sims 3 series created by user diamonddx, it shows the life of a teenage girl Chelsea Clark. And to anyone who watches Anon... TEAM TUCKER!!!!!!

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  • Carman39

    Alyssa was dating a boy named Daniel who one day told Alyssa that he loved her and Alyssa was charmed and agreed to WooHoo with him but soon she got sick every morning and bought a pregnancy test. Alyssa's test turned out positive and she decided to tell everybody including Daniel but Daniel dumped Alyssa because WooHoo was her idea and she got into the mess. Nine months later Alyssa went into labor and had a baby boy called T.J. Alyssa is now 28, married, had a baby girl called Edna and is pregnant with her third child. T.J is in Sunset Valley High dating a girl who like Alyssa is pregnant at 16.

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  • Carman39

    my sims family tree

    October 17, 2012 by Carman39

    i created a family in the sims 3

    the family is called Williams and the members are

    • Bianca (died at age 69 due to old age)
    • Serena
    • Mel (died at 30 due to murder)
    • Keith (died due to birth defects)
    • Amy (died at 49 due to being hit by a Ferrari)
    • Zack
    • Susan (died at 39 due to cancer)
    • Joe
    • Craig


    only living sims are

    Serena (currently 54)

    Zack ( currently 47)

    Joe ( currently 28)

    Craig (currently 3)

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