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    Lavisha Download

    September 30, 2013 by Chunkyheels

    Hi :) As a quite a few of you are aware I am planning to make a download of Lavisha and I still will but I have encountered a few things on there and I have realised I will have to recreate the whole of Lavisha again so here are a few changes I will make from the original to the recreated version.

    • Only a few bits of CC that I have made (although they are not very good but they are Ember's skin, his mother, Sarah's dress and several eye colours) although as I am unsure about uploading neighbourhoods so I will probably put them up separately.
    • Sub Neighbourhoods will not be included only the base neighbourhood.
    • Space family will all have maxis made hair that resembles their current hair although if you want to recreate their hair I mostly got it…
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  • Chunkyheels

    Hi :) Usually I am on everyday which means my fanon gets updated everyday but as you might have seen on my userpage I will be semi absent until the ned of August. Well due to changes in plans, I might be sei absent until the beginning of September. Anyway, the main point is as the wifi is not very good and I don't have a laptop that I can use, my Fanons may not be or be less updated than usual. I may still update them but not as much. I will say when I am back. :) Thanks for understanding.

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  • Chunkyheels

    Hi :) Although The Space Family is my favorite family to play on, if it is not updated much or there are missing Sims then that is probably because I only have the Sims 1 at my house and Sims 2 at my Grandparents, and I only go down there once a month so I barely ever get to play on them. I will still add more stories but picture might take a little longer to add but I will try.  But I'll try and update it as much as possible :) 

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