Hi :) As a quite a few of you are aware I am planning to make a download of Lavisha and I still will but I have encountered a few things on there and I have realised I will have to recreate the whole of Lavisha again so here are a few changes I will make from the original to the recreated version.

  • Only a few bits of CC that I have made (although they are not very good but they are Ember's skin, his mother, Sarah's dress and several eye colours) although as I am unsure about uploading neighbourhoods so I will probably put them up separately.
  • Sub Neighbourhoods will not be included only the base neighbourhood.
  • Space family will all have maxis made hair that resembles their current hair although if you want to recreate their hair I mostly got it off Sims on MTS and also sets of hair which took my fancy :)
  • Sims will not have messed up memories. If you could see my Sim's memories they are out of order due to my excessive use of cheats.
  • Less EPs used. I will aim to make it with less EPs so more people can download if they want.
  • Make several versions set at different time periods so the player can choose which one they want to play on or all of them. ( For example, in Lavisha I, Ariel may be alive so it is not too late to save her but in Lavisha II, she would be dead)

Thanks for reading :) (Also, I only get to play on Sims 2 at my grandparents once a month so it will probably take a while, sorry :S )