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  • DarkSuicune2000

    Just for fun, I've decided to put the first chapter of my story, Stuck In Sims 3 through Google Translate a bunch of times, and I got an interesting result. Enjoy reading.

    These are the languages I put in through:

    • Spanish
    • Hmong
    • Gujarati
    • Kazakh
    • Latin
    • Basque
    • Hausa
    • English

    January 1, 2015
    He started to play his favorite game is about chemistry Nia Sims 3 computer control room, let us proceed quickly as graphics. Download read calendar on the table, waiting. Turpis in the summer, it begins to September 8, at the end of the seven days of the year. Remember, this school is that it has led to rising. But in the summer, especially seen.

    Earlier this week, it is a play about the first year of approval foot. And almost all things, in the summer, Nia parents. The …

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  • DarkSuicune2000

    My picture disappeared and for some reason when I try to upload it back, it stays as the unknown person picture. I need help... DarkSuicune2000 08:23, March 9, 2016 (UTC)

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  • DarkSuicune2000


    • Grandpa is Victor Goth. I chose him to be Grandpa, because he's the only ghost with the light skin tone, and Grandpa looks very similar to Gunther Goth from The Sims 1. Plus, he wears a black suit.
    • Grandma is Enriqueta Bachelor. I chose her to be Grandma, because she looks very young to be a Grandma, just like Enriqueta, since they died young. They have very similar hairstyles, both have medium skin tone, and are both playful and nice.
    • Cousin is Milton Bachelor. I had some trouble with Cousin, mostly because of his name and appearance. He looked so similar to Milton. Both have dark skin, glasses, gray hair, and formal clothing. He also has zero nice points, and Milton seems to have some rude traits.

    The Bachelor family (Uncle)

    • Uncle is the young…
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  • DarkSuicune2000

    A Timeline of events in my stories' universe. This may be updated.

    • June 12: Queen Petunia Toadsburg is born

    • The Petunian era begins, marked by the establishment of the kingdom of Toadsburg.

    • April 27: Ethelinda Toadsburg is born.

    • The town of Watersman is founded in California.

    • January: Watersman experiences snow for first time recorded.

    • Jadyn McCain is born.

    • Dorcas Idioma and Alfred Newman is born.

    • Dorcas Idioma and Alfred Newman meet in school and enter a relationship.

    • Jadyn accidentally time travels to 2027.
    • Jadyn and Gerald Tanner get married.

    • Dorcas and Alfred Newman get married.

    • Alice Newman is born to Dorcas and Alfred Newman.

    • Carrie Taner is born.

    • Alice starts kindergarten.
    • Alfred is drafted into war and dies.

    • Alice gains a lot a weight
    • Ruben Samuels …

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  • DarkSuicune2000

    Hey, Nia!

    November 2, 2015 by DarkSuicune2000
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