Just for fun, I've decided to put the first chapter of my story, Stuck In Sims 3 through Google Translate a bunch of times, and I got an interesting result. Enjoy reading.

These are the languages I put in through:

  • Spanish
  • Hmong
  • Gujarati
  • Kazakh
  • Latin
  • Basque
  • Hausa
  • English

Step 1

January 1, 2015
He started to play his favorite game is about chemistry Nia Sims 3 computer control room, let us proceed quickly as graphics. Download read calendar on the table, waiting. Turpis in the summer, it begins to September 8, at the end of the seven days of the year. Remember, this school is that it has led to rising. But in the summer, especially seen.

Earlier this week, it is a play about the first year of approval foot. And almost all things, in the summer, Nia parents. The Camp, to land, boating, fishing, rock climbing and fun. This morning, the mother, was found to be Frappuccino drink Classic. Sip a cool drink at the end of bananas recognized competition. Hall family.

He started by Marcus Hall. This is what the Seraphic Doctor in hospital Po. Expert wife was at work in the world itself Landgraab Science Center. The house parents worked hard. Arthur thought the power play chess, read books, meaning, and look through the telescope most exciting way!

And parents, and scientific accuracy. And motivation, skill and perseverance required. Feeding children, if appropriate.

It's great son Maverick Hall. Nia is a perfect man. And, good, wise, and strong. The oldest child was playing.

Then her sister, Fiona Hall Maverick. Maverick, which is less than the cushion. Fiona Nia film honor from before the girl knew. It is a great and destruction. Dark brown hair, but she is more happy than death.

Blair Hall. This is a child yet. The errors blue shirt brown hair. Too many words. Nia, Arthur, and the initiative was sent. Fiona such killing, and goats, called Review of the valley of the sun, and maverick High Cicero.

Race, and "I do not want to", then we will take as long as possible. 3 am eternal love! Whoever among you wants to play in the family and, with his family, forever. And he made the holy house, with free time, Sims 3 weeks ago.

When you ask for something from his mother, quickly SIM.
"Mother", with relatives.
Polo shirt solemn assembly, and his mother, the wind pink, dark brown hair. Nia is "soft" on the right strategy.
"I came all Nia as a guest of Montana"
"Montana? Its-"
"Astrid," his mother said, is abundant. Children, who opened the servant Jebidah Astrid stood in the doorway. pre-teens ran there to him, and he fell on his neck.
"Exalted. And Astrid," said Nia sarcastically.

Chapter 2

14 years of his relatives Fine, in fact, would not have changed since the last time he saw her. Astrid is now 10 years old and still in parentheses. Mosquito bites, tape, and always remember her hair was pulled into a bun with back Astrid's mother was forced to wear. Nia He was wearing a red shirt and brown hair strange colors. It was clean, but he knew it would not take long NIA. He was shouting and saw her mother two years ago, "right now, Priscilla Astrid Toadstool, absurd!"

Nia Astrid Jebidah his father said.

So went Nia Astrid ", was teased on his shoulder, to play in the sandbox? Or you can move a pile of dirt drive oak? Or are we going to Johnstone and eggs in your home. .. "Do not confuse a list of things wants to go to Astrid, Astrid. he still wants his parents to the storm as an opportunity to clear. "How about we go to my room and I'll show you my game?" Nia found. "But ... we would not do it." Astrid enthusiasm. "Okay, let's go," Nia said he ran to his room.

Nia was born and Astrid, Astrid entered the bedroom. How to clean the room in which the NEA to show Astrid.
"Wow, how do you clean your room?" Astrid said.
"When I need to, I just put my material," said Nia. Then he pulled out her chair to sit on. "Astrid, this is my favorite game Sims 3," said Nia.
"You have to do it?" Astrid said.
"This really is a family is OK, and then move to the city of Sunset Valley play and manage the family"
"Drilling Nia ,!" Astrid cried. "Hey, you should see this thing to work for me!" Flash "For the last two years. I would say that video games or one super power that can give special powers. And all you need to do is connect to a high-powered team! ", Was a disc
"Hey, you, you're Uncle Jeb, now I am quite sure," said Nia skeptical.
"Please continue?" He said.
Nia fantastic flash drive on the desktop, "Okay. But he does not like to do anything ".
"Are you happy now?" Nia was a little annoying.
"Hurrah!" Astrid cried.
"Honey, Astrid?" Relationships, cried stairs.
"Really relationships!" Astrid bolted down the stairs.

See God doesn't reality, or so he thought. What decided the fate of the family! But it is only a minor fifteen years since Petunia knew The Toadstool. It is just 2 friends, and a bunch of Rezin Ethan Reed, but never saw them outside the school. It ignores went through most of his life.

Back in the game, said he continued to play his game. The game starts again, but in this situation, low flash drive plugged into the USB support shine bright blue Astrid and hummed. He NEA computer mouse glue when suddenly had his hands in confusion. I saw a woman forget Nia SIM screen. But it is changing its name before, by reading the NEA was dark. He wants to burn energy in empty space.

And suddenly heard a car driving through the grass. location, such as the NIA found something I think about a movie or something. "Where am I?" Nia think I was walking trails.