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1st November 2015

Hello fellow members of The Sims Wiki! Happy Halloween everyone! I’m DarkSuicune2000, and I will be writing this week’s Sim’s Pen!

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Writer's Pick - Fenrir Olafsson by JM9193

Fenrir’s life started out very well. He was the son of a caring father who he loved. Nevertheless he had a secret. A secret he wanted to keep all for himself: he was attracted to men. When he was 17, he confessed this. His father was very happy that he came out, but Fenrir’s mother. His mother gave him cruel insults and petty jabs, making his life a living nightmare. His father died of an illness, leaving him with his horrendous mother. At a family member’s funeral, his mother outed him. He expected his members to react hostile to him, but in fact they were angered at Fenrir’s mother, being so cruel to her own son. She was forced to apologize to him, and Fenrir lived his new life as a happy and healthy young man.

Weekly Celebrity - Ben Henson by Starmoonie

Have you ever met a man who was so selfish, that they put himself before others? Chances are, it was Ben Henson. Ben’s path to failure started out when he was a young child. Ben thinks he was neglected by his parents because they choose work over him sometimes. When his mother was pregnant with his little sister, Joana, he tortured his mother during her pregnancy. When Joana was born, Ben was so jealous that she was receiving all of the attention. He kept his anger to himself and lashed it out on the neighbor's home by throwing eggs and tree branches at their windows. Afterwards, he was set off to military school. When he came back, Ben had come home with a whole new attitude and view on life. His parents were so happy and he was proud of himself too. However this happiness would end soon because, he was eaten by a cowplant and died...

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fantastic day! Sorry if this issue was long, these stories were just so interesting and fun to write about! Take care! DarkSuicune2000 20:19, October 31, 2015 (UTC)

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