This is not to mislead anyone, yet it is just what I think and am guessing.

We all know that The Sims 3 came out February 20th (a week after my birthday), 2009, I am guessing that The Sims 4 will come out sometime in 2013. And I am quite sure you all are wondering how this conclusion came into being. I went off of an equation I came up with. Every four years, a new Sims game is released.

The Sims in 2000, The Sims 2 four years later in 2004. Four years and some change later (practically), The Sims 3 comes out. Now how long will it be for the fourth installation in the series?

That simple equation is how I arrived at my current conclusion.

I don't know what to make of it since The Sims 3 is only (basically) 2 years old. That means we have 2 years left of expansions and stuff packs.

Though until then, I will still be playing The Sims 2 which will soon be 10-years-old; such a long time ago, but it seems like yesterday that I was seeing the commercials.

Time passes quickly, so before we all know it, The Sims will be 20-years-old; two decades.

Anyway, please leave your thoughts and theories in the comments section.  :)