2009, a definite change in lifestyle for in terms of what I would like to do in life, as I had never been so sure of myself in a career field, I would switch up my mind so much it started to confuse me. So at last, in late 2009 I stumbled upon a site like Wikipedia, except for the fact that it's for The Sims Series. I had never worked with many writing projects in the past and had just turned eleven in the February that had passed early in the year.

Back then I hadn't discovered that writing was my true passion, and the only interest I was in video games and playing on the internet. Writing was something I left to people in their mid-thirties and beyond the presumed "breaking point," and the "mid-life crisis." Yet discovering the Sims Wiki had been an eye-opener for me and a milestone in my life, along with being a significant stepping-stone in my future plans. It truly brought me into a new perspective of life, it gave me some insight into future opportunities.

When I first signed up on the site under the identity "DarthCookie," I really didn't do any editing to the articles, I'd signed up purely for learning new things about the games. My registration wasn't about contribution, only about my personal thirst for knowledge, but little did I know that almost eight or nine months would fly by before I started my writing journey, and tried reaching for the position of Administrator.

As the months went past I forgot all about my account on The Sims Wiki and went about my life, and in April, me and my parents to another city. And sometime in May I was on the internet looking something up, and I found my old profile on The Sims Wiki, I was surprised completely and immediately logged-in to it. After that I started editing faithfully on the site, it took away my boredom and made me feel as though I was truly helping out.

For a I few days I had no idea what area I was good at, but maybe a week or two after I rejoined the community, I finally found my niche, categorization was a skill that was needed on the wiki, and it was exactly what I was good at. From that point on I edited faithfully, all the way until March or 2011, in the time that I had been editing religiously I had also gotten burned out. It happens sometime, but I never thought it would happen to me, and I admit that if I hadn't gone back to the wiki, my writing skills wouldn't have been as good as they are now.

After March 2011, my editing activity would fluctuate up and down until finally, I went on a wiki-break (hiatus) and truly, I never fully returned from it. In February of 2011 I had achieved my first goal, getting my administratorship. Though I really think that me achieving truly made me rest on my laurels, which should've never happened, but it did and now I'm finally ready to come back. Earlier in 2012 I gave up my administratorship. someone else could put it to better use. When I do come back I am going to set the bar extremely high for myself; Bureaucratship.

Thanks for being there when the internet was starting to bore me, The Sims Wiki and all of Wikia.

Giovanna "DarthCookie" B. April 24th, 2012