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    I know many people like my fanon and I seriously love all you guys because of that. But I've been insanely busy with real life (yeah wow creepy I know) and this gives me about zero time to play at all. Also I'm trying to update the Dutch Sims Wiki and with The Sims 4 coming we really have a lot of work to do, as only half of The Sims 2 is on there and almost nothing of The Sims 3.

    Making a long story short, I don't think I will update the Curious family in a while. I will continue for sure, I just don't know when yet. I hope you will be able to enjoy the stories available now, and comments are still more than welcome! This 'break' also gives me some time to come up with new stories, storylines and other interesting stuff!

    Thank you all for th…

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    Harper Curious is the youngest of my Curious fanon. Her mother is Tiffany Curious, but her father is unknown. As far as Joshua (her husband) knows he is the father. But is he really? The other possible father is Abhijeet Cho, an old college friend of both Tiffany and Joshua, but also Tiffany's ex-lover.

    Tiffany claims that Harper's father is Joshua. But there's a possibility that that's not true, why wouldn't it be some other guy? Maybe someone she just met for one night..? Or another college buddy?

    Joshua Curious

    Reasons he can be the father:

    • He is married to Tiffany
    • Blonde hairgenes run in the family (his grandmother Crystal
    • Tiffany has grey eyes (they could come from her)
    • He has tan skin like Harper
    • He was the last one to WooHoo with her befor…

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    Strangetown families.

    January 23, 2013 by DeSims

    So after two years of not updating this I tried to give it a little update (also cause not much has been played yet :3) For the ones who have never seen this, my old post;

    I love playing with the Strangetown families, as you might know from my Curious fanon. I didn't want to make pages for every single person in Strangetown, simply because it's just too much. However I wanted to show and share with you how the families are evolved into the families they are now. I did this in the form of their family trees, it's easy to see which family they're from and for some odd reason I love to check out family trees, so maybe you guys too :D
    Tip: Click on each image for a bigger version.

    ++new families on their way!

    Roque - Wrightley family


    • Guy Wr…

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