Over the years, I've lost the original names of many of my sims, and over the past year I've been finding quite a few especially with this particular site. I'm starting this post because after 6 years of playing The Sims 2, it's hard to remember EVERY sim character's surnames especially if they got married soon after I saw them for the first time. It will help me fulfill my complete list of townies and naturally born sims for my game if somebody could help me for each sim I put up here.

I have played with other people on multiple copies of games in every neighborhood, and every townie has been the same in each designated neighborhood. It isn't random, it just seems that way. It follows an algorithm so it follows a pattern. The game picks the names in a certain random order in every Sims 2 PC game. Those particular people don't play their copies anymore but I still do and this is why I need help. I've asked a "what's this sim's name" on yahoo answers and I got the right answer from someone, but it took 6 days and all answers are stopped after 7 days. I figured this would get a lot more help then there, especially since I can upload pictures.

I still have a few I'm looking for.
Elderly Payton


Including this one whose first name is Payton. He was apparently added to my games after I installed nightlife in Veronaville. He currently has his widowed wife's original last name. He genetically has black hair and grey eyes.

Adult Andrea Monty nee


This is Andrea and she married a descendant of Mercutio Monty in my game, but I have no idea what her maiden name is. She genetically has red hair and green eyes.

Adult Vyn Anderson nee


The third one is Vyn. She's a glamor sim from Nightlife. She genetically has Black hair and brown eyes.

If anybody sees these townies while you play in Veronaville, please leave a comment. It would be very much appreciated if someone could help me.

Or even if someone could give me a list of the townies they've interacted with or seen in veronaville, I'd love to see that just to make sure that my ideas are correct with the algorithms. But this would only work if the original names were not tampered with in SimsPE.