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Stolen Happiness - Introductions

Domka29 March 13, 2011 User blog:Domka29

This is "love and revenge drama" with strangetown sims as actors.

Main actors:

(no aliens, townies/service workers are allowed)

Circe Beaker as Eetiona Kechor/Ruth Moserck (main character)

General Buzz Grunt as Greg Ketchor (Eetiona's/Ruth's ex-husband)

Kristen Loste as Brittany Michelson (Greg's sister)

Lazlo Curious as Mike Lawson (Greg's center's worker)

Loki Beaker as Robert Ketchor (Greg's brother)

Vidcund Curious as Dick Malepen (Brittany's friend)

Erin Beaker as Emma Ketchor (Greg's wife)

Jill Smith as Luca Ketchor (Eetiona's/Ruth's and Greg's daughter)

Arcadia Bradshaw as Georgie Ketchor (Greg's mother)

Lee Lewis as Albert Ketchor (Greg's father)

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