Angela is a straight A+ student no wonder why her Dad Daniel brought her a hot-tub shes a daddys girl and always gets whats she wants eventhough she has a badboy boyfriend Dustin she knows where she stands. On the other hand Lilith her twin sister is the oposite a popular bad girl who doesnt get on with anyone apart from Dirk her goody to shoes Boyfriend weird Huuh.

-Dustin and Angela are in the hot-tub getting up to no good - *Giggles* "Dustin stop it" Angela squealed "What comon you know you want to plus no one is in so lets unless ...." Said Dustin " Hehe okay but dont be so pushy next time"Angela said *Kisses&WOOHOOS! Fly* *Anglea gets out the hot-tub* "Where are you going babe?" Dustin asks , "Your going home Lillith will be home soon and you know what shes like blabber mouth! Hurry" Replied Angela doing up her bikini strap. "Okay gimmie a kiss then baby and ill go" Said Dustin Climbing out too . *Kisses* "Bye babe pick you up tonight at 12 sharp okay" Said Dustin "Ok baby bye love you" Angela Replies . Angela thought there secret was safe no one seen anything but she was wrong somone had seen everything hiding in a near by bush Lilliths life was just about to get better.

-The next day-

  • Bluhhhhhgh* "Angel are you okay hun?" Mary-Sue asked "Yeah mom im fine just a bug thats all" Replied Angela flushing the toilet. *Lillth walks in and closes the door* "i know what you did yesterday" She said "What do you mean?! Yesterday i was with Dustin at the park all day?!" Said Angela paniking "Lies you and Dustin woohooed in the hot-tub now your preganant discusting" Snarled Lillith "Keep your voice down mom and dad will hear *Anglea starts crying* what have I done Ive made a mess Dustin hasnt rang me back since yesterday he hates me mom and dad are to busy arguing to notice im here and to top it all of im 14 and pregnant" Anglea wept "I know we havent ever seen eye to eye but ill help you get through this talk to Dustin about it he doesnt hate you he loves you Mom and Dad are just lame im here and we will get through this together okay?"Replied Lillith "Thanks" Angela Replied *Hugging*

To Be Continued!