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  • Dramawisher12

    Lying on a lumpy old mattress wasn't comfy the only thing that kept him going everyday was his girlfriend Angela Pleasant . She was pregnant with his baby's they would be born anyday soon and he wouldnt see it . Only if he had listened to her not to go out that night not to get involved with the wrong crowd.His "pals" had told him how bad it was inside Gorden had been there done that ! It all started .....

    "Dustin quickly feel the baby's are kicking" Angela said Dustin reached out and felt the baby's kicking . "Please don't go out tonight i need you here and i dont like you doing dodgy illegal things remember what happened last time you smoked drugs and got drunk your lucky we took you in because you would still be on the streets please don…

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  • Dramawisher12

    Angela was 8 months pregnant now . Daniel had apparently "quit the affair " with the maid but we all know it wasnt true Daniel bribed Angela but the whole baby secret came out and Daniel begged to keep the affair a secret still so she did up to this day . "Angela if thats you in the cookie jar again im gonna totaly kick your but when you have my niece or nephew" Shouted Lilith "Im feeding my bump its hungry" replyed Angela walking up the stairs . Daniel came in the door with someone familiar they were laughing and kissing Lilith thought it was her mum and dad but it was Daniel and the maid Kaylyynn . "Dad what are you doing" asked Lilith "LILITH! you scared me i thought you and Angela were out shopping ? hurry along me and Kaylyyn have to …

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  • Dramawisher12

    Angela had just finished a whole book of homework no it wasn't hers it was Lilith's they made a deal a month before because Angela woohooed in the hot to with bf Dustin. She stood up and a massive pain gripped her stomach she had never felt this pain before she rushed to the toilet and vomited. Mary-Sue came in and asked if she was okay "it's only a bug mum" Angela said "you can have tomorrow off school but dont tell your dad its his day tomorrow" Said Mary-Sue walking away . Angela got up and looked out the window Lillith was in the garden in her hot tub with Dirk he splashed her she splashed him back he pulled her near and very slowly undid her bikini "Mum and Dad are inside they will kill me if they found out" whispered Lilith "oh well …

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  • Dramawisher12

    Not so Pleasant story

    October 21, 2011 by Dramawisher12

    Daniel and Mary-Sue had just brought there daughter Angela a new hot tub she had got straight A+ at school they were so proud. That night Angela invited her badboy boyfriend over Dustin Broke Daniel didnt aprove of Dustin he thought he was trouble and 2 right he was. Dustin see the new tub and asked if Angela wanted to join him besides it was hers . Lillith was looking out the window scowling over at them kissing they only had there first kiss yesterday and they were doing that Dirk didnt even want to makeout after theres . Dustin put his arm on Angelas back and started to undo her bikni strap "what are you doing" Angela giggled "your parents are out so lets have some fun" Dustin said . Lillith watched them sink under the water she was so …

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