Angela was 8 months pregnant now . Daniel had apparently "quit the affair " with the maid but we all know it wasnt true Daniel bribed Angela but the whole baby secret came out and Daniel begged to keep the affair a secret still so she did up to this day . "Angela if thats you in the cookie jar again im gonna totaly kick your but when you have my niece or nephew" Shouted Lilith "Im feeding my bump its hungry" replyed Angela walking up the stairs . Daniel came in the door with someone familiar they were laughing and kissing Lilith thought it was her mum and dad but it was Daniel and the maid Kaylyynn . "Dad what are you doing" asked Lilith "LILITH! you scared me i thought you and Angela were out shopping ? hurry along me and Kaylyyn have to talk busness in the bedroom if you dont mind " reply Daniel "your totaly sick dad mum loves you and all you can repay her by is shagging another woman this will break her heart" Replyed Lilith "oh well your sister has knew long enough go and ask her" Lilith ran upstairs to confront her sister . Daniel and the maid striped and WOOHOOED in the bedroom Mary-sue came home early today because of a mistake in work "What do you think your doing in my bed ? " Mary-Sue asked she grabed Kaylynn by the hair and chucked her on the streets naked . Daniel got a beating and Mary-Sue broke up with him . All this drama set Angelas baby off she started giving birth she gave birth to twins Alice and William they looked like Dustin shame he wasnt here ... Where was Dustin? TO BE CONTINUED