Daniel and Mary-Sue had just brought there daughter Angela a new hot tub she had got straight A+ at school they were so proud. That night Angela invited her badboy boyfriend over Dustin Broke Daniel didnt aprove of Dustin he thought he was trouble and 2 right he was. Dustin see the new tub and asked if Angela wanted to join him besides it was hers . Lillith was looking out the window scowling over at them kissing they only had there first kiss yesterday and they were doing that Dirk didnt even want to makeout after theres . Dustin put his arm on Angelas back and started to undo her bikni strap "what are you doing" Angela giggled "your parents are out so lets have some fun" Dustin said . Lillith watched them sink under the water she was so jelous that her sister woohooed before she did . Angela put on her bikini and got out the tub "where are you going Angela?" Dustin asked "mum and dad will be back in a minute so im not going anywhere you are" she replyed "okay i will ring you tonight to sneak out dont get caught this time" said Dustin and he left . Angela walked inside where Lillith was "wait till i tell mum and dad" said Lillith "why would you do that when i will do your homework" said Angela "okay deal" Said lillith. Daniels and Mary-Sues car pulled up out side Angela ran upstairs and got a shower and changed how long could she keep her sister quiet for ? ....... TO BE CONTINUED