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Teenage Mother - Not so Pleasent story

Angela had just finished a whole book of homework no it wasn't hers it was Lilith's they made a deal a month before because Angela woohooed in the hot to with bf Dustin. She stood up and a massive pain gripped her stomach she had never felt this pain before she rushed to the toilet and vomited. Mary-Sue came in and asked if she was okay "it's only a bug mum" Angela said "you can have tomorrow off school but dont tell your dad its his day tomorrow" Said Mary-Sue walking away . Angela got up and looked out the window Lillith was in the garden in her hot tub with Dirk he splashed her she splashed him back he pulled her near and very slowly undid her bikini "Mum and Dad are inside they will kill me if they found out" whispered Lilith "oh well it's now or never" They diapered underwater when they finished Dirk left leaving Lilith crying Angela rushed downstairs to see if her sister was alright . They actually hugged for once they made a deal they wouldn't tell mum or dad were Lilith and Angela actually going to get along ? That night after dinner Angela felt the same pain as this morning she hurried to the bathroom and threw up again Lilith started having suspicions about Angela . "Thats the 3rd bag of cookies you had today Angela your eating us out of house and home" Said Mary-Sue "Sorry I just love cookies for some reason" replied Angela rushing upstairs . Dustin called Angela he was going to pick her up at 1am for a sneak out . The next morning Mary-Sue left for work and Lilith left for school Angela stayed very quiet upstairs her dad didnt know Angela wasn't at school . The maid came so Angela snuck downstairs got a drink and cookies Daniel and the maid were in the bedroom giggling and making groaning noises Angela crept into the living room and peered around the door . They were but naked and woohooing she ran back to the kitchen got her cookies and drink and ran upstairs. She stayed upstairs wondering then she got that feeling sickness she ran to the bathroom and was sick . Daniel came upstairs with his boxers on "ANGELA what are you doing!" "mum said i could have the day off i thought you knew " Said Angela lying "No i didnt have you been downstairs "said Daniel "Yes you and that S#*G Maid i hate you dad and one more thing IM PREGNANT" Angela knew she was she checked lastnight with Dustin . Daniel was as stunned as Angela was ....


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