Lying on a lumpy old mattress wasn't comfy the only thing that kept him going everyday was his girlfriend Angela Pleasant . She was pregnant with his baby's they would be born anyday soon and he wouldnt see it . Only if he had listened to her not to go out that night not to get involved with the wrong crowd.His "pals" had told him how bad it was inside Gorden had been there done that ! It all started .....

"Dustin quickly feel the baby's are kicking" Angela said Dustin reached out and felt the baby's kicking . "Please don't go out tonight i need you here and i dont like you doing dodgy illegal things remember what happened last time you smoked drugs and got drunk your lucky we took you in because you would still be on the streets please dont leave i beg you " pleaded Angela "babe i wont be long and i know but i want to start earning and i love you alright in 4 months time we will be looking after our kids just calm down ille be fine and you will ! " "okay but dont be late home tonight okay?"said Angela "okay" replyed Dustin as he went off to work .But Dustin didn't return . That night they had planned to steal some illegal drugs they got there Dustin backed out but he got caught by the police as all the others ran away . Now there he was lying in a police cell he called Angela the next day "What are you playing at Dustin i can't trust you anymore you lied to me we will sort this out in 7 months time when you get out of there alright " Shouted Angela down the phone "Sorry Angel i love you okay i made a mistake yeah you were right but it doesnt hurt to take risks in your life does it ? im sorry i cant please you enough and i know if you want you can look else where because it seems as if im not good enough for you if you feel that way fine i don't care ." Reply Dustin "Im going now we will talk soon okay we will sort this mess out okay" Angela said "Okay bye" said Dustin and the phone went dead .

4 months later--------------------------

"Dustin Broke youve got a phone call" Dc sargent said "Okay" "hello" said Dustin "Hi Dustin its Lilith Angela has had the babys Alice and William" said Liltih "Woow twins " There convo continued for 5 minutes then Dustin Left . "Oii Dustbin Broke boy didnt you say good bye to your little princess ?" Said the juvie bully "Shut up mouth" Replyed Dustin *Punch kich slap scratch* dustin ended up in hospital with a broken arm and 1 black eye and a broken nose .

1 month later ---------------------

"Dustin Broke due to good behaviour you have been let out on release " Dc sargent said "Okay" dustin got his stuff and walked free . Im going to quit my job stop smoking drinking taking drugs im going back to my new life thought Dustin .But would that be the case ?