My friend's aunt's nephew's second-cousin's dog's babysitter's husband's nanny said The Sims 4 will come next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Really? Well they're lying. Let me just make this perfectly clear:


I'll stake my name on it. Yes, it's true that a developer working for EA stated on his Twitter that "work had begun", but it is not uncommon for games to take many years to develop. At the moment the team assigned to The Sims 4 is probably just spitballing and throwing out crazy ideas of what they want in that game, it's all talk and theories.

EDIT: As an example Grant Rodiek, a producer on The Sims 3 has stated that The Sims 2: Seasons was the last EP he worked on before starting work on The Sims 3, that's how long planning phases can be [1].

Also, knowing EA you can bet your entire collection that there'll be many more expansion- and stuff packs. If they're going with the magic number 8, like with The Sims 2, we'll have The Sims 3 around for awhile yet. They could release fewer, they could release even more expansions, no one knows.

Since The Sims series is a very big hit, it's fairly safe to assume that there will eventually be a The Sims 4, that's no secret. It is technically a game rumor, but it's waaaay into the future, don't think about it.

Game rumors

On The Sims Wiki we have a The Sims game rumors page. When there finally IS a rumor concerning a future game/expansion related to The Sims series, you can bet it will be on there. The Sims 3: Late Night (called After Dark at the time) was on the page before being announced, as was The Sims Medieval.

On our game rumors page it is very important that the rumors have a source and that it is valid grounds for starting a rumor. Unsourced information on that page will be deleted.

Valid rumors
  • EA buys new domains titled eg:
  • An online game retail site adds a new Sims title.
  • Someone gets their hands on some leaked photo or screenshot.
INvalid rumors
  • Someone told you, without saying where they READ it-
  • Wishful thinking: "I want a pets expansion"
  • Writing "Seasons" in big crayon letters over a Sims logo.

If you DO wish to fantasize and speculate about The Sims 4 (however pointless it may be), check out our forum.

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