The English Sims Wiki would like to invite other language of The Sims Wiki to check out our Language Portal it will serve as a way of communicating between the many different languages of this wiki. It has a list of all the available languages, their name, founder and an approximate number of articles. It also has some helpful bits of code for inter-language linking.

We've already left a message on all the community portals of Sims Wikis, hopefully we can start using the Language Portal to bridge the gap between our languages.

Communication will be in english.

Also remember that the English Sims Wiki always links to other language Sims Wikis through our main menu to the left and on our Affiliates page.


While we have the opportunity, we would also like to congratulate the Simspedia, the Spanish Sims Wiki for reaching 2,000 articles, the Brazilian Portugese Sims Wiki for reaching 500 articles and the Italian Sims Wikia for recently bursting to life again and position themselves at 75 articles.




Duskey(talk) 08:33, August 26, 2010 (UTC)