On August 17, 2010, Wikia announced that a new skin was incoming for all wikis on Wikia. This skin will be mandatory after a transition period where people can get accustomed to the new skin and the more tech-savvy editors have edited the new skin to fit the theme of their wiki. It's worth noting that this decision is from Wikia and The Sims Wiki can not stop. We've started a project where you can find more information and see a complete list of previews and related news and announcements. Wikia has shown us a few previews of the skin skin so far. If you are proficient at CSS, Java or wiki-code, feel free to join and contribute to the project.

It's it not yet known when this new skin will come. It's work title is "Oasis", but it will probably get another name when it launches. At the moment the skin is in beta test and as far as we know, Wikia is still accepting applicants for the beta. Once Wikia feels the skin is ready it will be enabled as a choice for all users. At this point we will customize it with The Sims Wiki colors and layout as much as we can. Once Wikia feel that the transition period is complete and the skin is ready, the current Monaco skin will be removed and the new "Oasis" will become the default for all Wikia wikis.

For more information and links to informative posts, please see our Skin project. The project will be updated as new information becomes available.

Before you ask any questions, please check the posts we have linked to in the project to check if your question hasn't already been answered. The Sims Wiki cannot answer any questions beyond what has been posted by Wikia in their announcements.

--Duskeytalk 10:25, September 7, 2010 (UTC)