• I live in België
  • I was born on April 9
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am man
  • DutchlishSim


    I have a problem... I have a female zombie-sim in my game, but she mysteriously changed in a human again. I don't know HOW it happened. I noticed it when I was playing another family. I saw her headshot in the relationshippanel, but she was just a Sim instead of a zombie. So, I went to her household. In the loadingscreen she was still a zombie, but when I played with her, she wasn't. There were also a few other problems. She hasn't a aspiration, no career, no skills (except for a few charismatic skills). Also, she can't talk to her husband and vice versa. There are only 3 options available and when I select one of them, she is just rotating. However, she is able to talk to her son... 

    So, does somebody know what's the problem and how …

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