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The SIms 4: Ideas

Since the Sims 4 isn't being released until 2014, that gives lots of people time to perdict what this game will have to offer. I for one, thought it would be a great idea if I could share my perdictions with you. If you like any of my ideas, please send it to EA. If alot of people send the same idea to them, they might actually put it in the game. So thanks for reading and if you have any questions or you have your own idea, feel free to send it to me at 

-First off, it would be great if Sims have 3 modes. Campaign, Freemode, and Multiplayer. Campaign should be like it gives you quests to go on and tells you to talk to this person or that person, and much much more. Then theres freemode and freemode is your average Sims. And then Multiplayer is pretty obvious. It's Freemode but with other people playing. In console versions, it should be both split screen and online multiplayer.

-The game should be released on Xbox One and PS4. Any other version except for PC sucked for Sims 3 so don't even think about making it.

-In the town, there should be a carnival where you can play games and win prizes that you can actually use in-game.

-No more karma crap. I fell like they paid too much attention to that stuff rather then anything else.

-When you click on a player, they should just stop what they're doing and do what they're told..

-There should be the Holywood expansion pack where you have the ability to become famous, go to clubs, get more wealth, fame, AND MORE!!!

-The SIms need to stop being so needy. I mean seriously! Do you need to have different needs every freaking second of every day! And they also need to clean up they're mess when there done eating because that was just lazy when I saw a bunch of spoiled meals on the table sitting there. 

-The map needs to be bigger and have more houses because in the Sims 3 I could only have about 5 hoI thiuses available for purchase.

-There should The Sims 4- Making magic... agian expansion. The description should be "The Sims are returning to Magic Town one spell at a time

-Now, I think it's about time you can see the interior of buildings.

-Do not have The Sims 4: Pets! I mean come on! Is it that hard to put pets in the original game.

-You should have the ability to take vacations with your family and go anywhere from the bahamas to the tropical rainforest or even go camping.

-Why not be able to start your own buisness.

-They should add boats in the game so you can take it and go to other island where you can make a shelter and find pirate boats. Maybe even become a pirate.

-You should have the ability to make inventions so you can either sell it or use it for you or a greater cause.

-Wouldn't it be awesome if you could find hidden temples and uncover secrets or perhaps find tresaure.

-Make it so when you click on your sim they stop what there doing and do what they want you to do.

-No distractions. It was so stressful when I wanted my sim to do something but they started getting distracted

-When your playing as one player at work or school, you can work too. For example, if I'm playing as a dad who's a chef I can make food and then give it to the customers. Maybe even particapate in a cooking minigame too.

-There should be something called a stress meter where if your sim gets too stressed about life, he or she will go on an angry rage. Something like that would be hilarious.

-During the story, you should be able to set a goal for your sim, and the whole storyline is based on you achieving your goal. When you achieve it, you then start a whole new adventure. The game ends when you die.