• EmilyArmstrong

    The following text is a theory as to why the Tragic Clown is alive in the Sims 1 and dead in the Sims 3. This also serves as a writing exercise of me, being the aspiring writer that I am. I often write about men who want to make differences to the world, so this is one of those:

    The tragic clown was a man who was never taken seriously because of his bizarre ways, his stupidity, his clumsiness, and his poverty which led him to never make it to medical school. He pursued being a clown instead, hoping that even if he can't save lives with a scalpel, at least he can save lives using laughter, knowing that laughter is the best medicine.

    So being the dork (and wannabe hero due to reading too many comic books, being easily impressed by the superher…

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