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    Summer Outfits:

    July 27, 2016 by EmilyBae

    The lunch date.

    A lunch date may be one of the most causal date ever (meal). So going like your on a dinner date ; where a fancy dress or something elegant, wont be too smart! Thats why i advised something comfy but at the same time well fitted and beautiful ( come on we dont wanna look too shabby do we? ) . Another thing you should keep in mind is knowing where you are going! Determining an outfit without a location can be even more stressful!!! Pick out an out fit which fits the place u are going ( that way you fit in perfectly!).  dont forget to check the weather forecast!                                                              

    Let's speak about this outfit!       

    It's perfect for a sunny day! you cant go wrong with something like …

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  • EmilyBae

    dont forget to check out the artist who made it (me) hehe

     Zuckerschnute 20 

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