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Week of September 28th, 2014

So... it's been two full weeks since our last news blog. Two weeks isn't long, but perhaps you might want to ask, "Is this news blog dead"?

Well no, of course!

Sure, it looks dead, but there would be no news blogs without community support. And if you are able to, we'd certainly love if you were to write your own news blog! I know this is just a shameless plug here, but without community support there wouldn't be a news blog in the first place.

Anyways, news after the break.

The Sims News

SimCity BuildIt announced

Now, let me go on a slightly off-topic, yet slightly related news... EA has just announced a new SimCity game for iOS and Android, aptly named SimCity BuildIt. Yes, EA has announced a new SimCity game. For mobile.

According to this news post, it will be "a different experience" to the PC/Mac version of SC13. The news post also hints that while "many of the coolest features require an online connection", it will have an optional offline mode for those who want to play the game in its offline glory. The graphics and interface seems to be similar to the PC/Mac version of SC13, although it seems to have been streamlined for touchscreen devices.

But in all honestly, take a look at this image of the game's user interface, which seems to hint that this game is free-to-play. All that aside, we don't know if it's going to end up failing like the iOS/Android Dungeon Keeper or succeeding in the line of countless F2P EA games like The Sims FreePlay is something we don't really know. Only time will tell...

TS3 price reductions on expansions

Just last week, EA has slashed their prices on all Sims 3 expansions to $19.99 on NA Origin. Woohoo, rejoice! I'm not sure if other regions got the same price cut as well, though, so I guess that have to be saved for later...

The Sims Wiki News

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Monthly question

Likewise, we'd like to hear your opinion on this month's monthly question! This month's question is...

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As always, feel free to check in this month's monthly question and weigh in your opinions!

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