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  • I live in Naples, Texas
  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Male
  • Facebookerror

    I came home from school today expected nothing better then the norm. As I logged on to Facebook, the first post is from Quxxn (who's page I liked) about 2013 being a great year for Simmers, followed by several comments about "University." Confused yet excited, I came on here to get the update. Lo and behold, The Sims 3: University Life was announced today and is due to be released sometime in March! As Quxxn said, this will be a great year for Simmers. Personally though, with the releases of Seasons and University Life, I think EA is trying to make up for the filth called "Katy Perry's Sweet Treats." EA, you're pretty good at apologies, I'll give you that!

    Me + University Life = Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    I'll keep this short and sweet: Dear God help us, Katy Perry's Sweet Treats is about to be released!

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    Hey y'all, I'm back from my leave of absence! But, I'm not without anger, aren't you happy? Anyway, so I put The Sims 3 in the other day, and I update it to the latest patch. I begin to play (the newest one I have is Master Suite Stuff, no Pets, Showtime, World Adventures, etc.), and the load screen starts up. It begins to load, and then crashes, saying 'there has been an error (or something, I don't plan on going through the process again). I try to play it again, same thing happens. I have no patience, so I just get mad and put in good 'ole The Sims 2, which works. So, if anyone know how to fix this, please tell me.

    Also, since its summer and all, and I'm quite busy, don't be surprised if I'm not editing as much.

    Thank you, and happy editi…

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    So, as I'm reading the new releases section on the main page, I notice the newest announce stuff pack is Diesel Stuff. Being a Southern, small-town American, I assume they pack's main theme would be dealing with diesel truck and trucker styles. I'm already thinking this is a bad idea, and then I look and find out the pack is for some type of clothing brand. Never have I even came close to hearing about a Diesel clothing brand. Why can't EA make a Calvin Klien stuff pack? Or maybe a pack that deals with clothing brands from the mall, like Hollister or American Eagle?

    Oh, and the addition of Katy Perry's Sweet Treats to the EA brand is completely idiotic. I don't know about everyone else, but I like my sims to lead normal lives and to LOOK no…

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