Hey y'all, I'm back from my leave of absence! But, I'm not without anger, aren't you happy? Anyway, so I put The Sims 3 in the other day, and I update it to the latest patch. I begin to play (the newest one I have is Master Suite Stuff, no Pets, Showtime, World Adventures, etc.), and the load screen starts up. It begins to load, and then crashes, saying 'there has been an error (or something, I don't plan on going through the process again). I try to play it again, same thing happens. I have no patience, so I just get mad and put in good 'ole The Sims 2, which works. So, if anyone know how to fix this, please tell me.

Also, since its summer and all, and I'm quite busy, don't be surprised if I'm not editing as much.

Thank you, and happy editing FacebookERROR