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Stick a Fork in EA, They're Done

So, as I'm reading the new releases section on the main page, I notice the newest announce stuff pack is Diesel Stuff. Being a Southern, small-town American, I assume they pack's main theme would be dealing with diesel truck and trucker styles. I'm already thinking this is a bad idea, and then I look and find out the pack is for some type of clothing brand. Never have I even came close to hearing about a Diesel clothing brand. Why can't EA make a Calvin Klien stuff pack? Or maybe a pack that deals with clothing brands from the mall, like Hollister or American Eagle?

Oh, and the addition of Katy Perry's Sweet Treats to the EA brand is completely idiotic. I don't know about everyone else, but I like my sims to lead normal lives and to LOOK normal while going through these normal lives. I don't intend on having my sims look like rainbows while going to the grocery store. After all, other Sims will laugh at them. Even I would be embarrassed if someone found that I had bought Katy Perry's Sweet Treats. The only purpose to buy that would be to shoot the proposterous game into a million pieces.

For these reasons, I prefer to play the Sims 2. A majority, if not all, of the expansion/stuff packs make complete sense and help contribute to our Sims leading a regular life that does not include looking like a giant lollipop. If Electronic Arts continues to make games like Katy Perry's Sweet Treats and stuff packs for brands we've never heard of, I wouldn't be surprised if they have to file for bankruptcy. Stick a fork in EA, they're done.

NOTE: What is Diesel anyway???

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