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    November 6, 2014 by FlubrLuvr

    Friday November 7th, 2014,

    Hey!! So today I got my grade for an important test of mine and I ACED it!!! :D I know this dosnt matter to you, but I am really happy!

    So now to the important stuff. I will be moving my fanfiction next Thursday, and I will not post the first chapter, for that just search Fannon: The Not-So-New girl in Lucky Palms. Sorry, but I am busy and too lazy to do that.

    I want to inform you all that tomorrow afternoon I will not be on, and therefore my daily-do's will be done in the morning. I will also be gone next Friday and Saturday, I am busy, so I will post the rest of Chapter Two, along with the beginning of it, all on Thursday.

    I have started a forum post on a question for the Sims Free play, I haven't figured it out ev…

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