Friday November 7th, 2014,

Hey!! So today I got my grade for an important test of mine and I ACED it!!! :D I know this dosnt matter to you, but I am really happy!

So now to the important stuff. I will be moving my fanfiction next Thursday, and I will not post the first chapter, for that just search Fannon: The Not-So-New girl in Lucky Palms. Sorry, but I am busy and too lazy to do that.

I want to inform you all that tomorrow afternoon I will not be on, and therefore my daily-do's will be done in the morning. I will also be gone next Friday and Saturday, I am busy, so I will post the rest of Chapter Two, along with the beginning of it, all on Thursday.

I have started a forum post on a question for the Sims Free play, I haven't figured it out even though I have had it for like 2-3 years. I will also post more for Bella Goth and all that jazz.

Well, that is is. Bye!

             ~PEACE, Flubr

Thursday November 6th, 2014  

Hey guys! So, this is where I am going to answer questions and update you all, plus make announcements!

First off, I have realised that it is NOVEMBER. As in, a month before Christmas, November. This means...


If you guys diddn't already know this, I LOVE FALL AND WINTER!!! I am so excited to be able to stay inside and drink hot chocolate next to the fire while updating Wikia. Yep, inside the life of a nerd.

Second of all, I need to inform all of you that I will NOT be doing anything towards my page on Fridays. I will be looking at the other Fannons and all that jazz. I will ALSO not update ANYTHING during the holidays. I love just spending that time on youtube or Facebook, sorry!

And now, time for the most important news. I will be "ending" my Fannon, "The Not-So-New Girl in Lucky Palms." I will be making a blog article for it, and that is where it will stay. I will end it around 15-20 chapters, it depends on the story development.

By the way you guys, I will take your ideas into consideration for it, so if you have any ideas, just put them in the Fannon article, on my Talk page, or the comment section on this one, and on the other one when I make it!

So, that's it for today, love you guys, BYE!!

                                                                          ~Peace, Flubr