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    Death in sims 3 3ds, there are not very many options. I have played sims 3  3ds and experimented with all types of death. 

     *Starvation Starvation takes the longest for a sim to die. The first moon let you should get is "Hungry". This moodlet should lasty for about three sim hours untill the next moodlet should appear, "Very Hungry". This moodlet will let you know that your sim is very hungry and needs something to eat, this moodlet should last for 24 hours. After that moodlet you will get another one staying "Extreamly Hungry". Your sim will keep on making noises and will try to eat if you have free will on, this moodlet should last for another 24 hours. After that moodlet Your sim will die and the grave will be left behind for you to kee…

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    Sims 3 Pets (3DS)

    October 27, 2013 by Fluffycupcake3097
    • Karma cheat "Holy Simoleons is found on the main start page.
    • To use "Holy simoleons you have to have 5 play coins.
    • 5 play coins are needed to get the karma cheat
    • You can only recieve 10 play points in a day so about 5,500 simoleons every day can be made
    • If you do it daily it can add up to a large sum of money e.g 3 day = 16,500
    • There is no cheat for sims 3 pets 3ds 
    • Bags of money will drop down and you have to instruct your sim to collect the bag
    • Another way to get money is to have your dog dig for treasure and training it to.
    • You can earn promotions from your jobs.
    • Enjoy!!!Holy simoleons walkthrough!!! (Not my video)
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