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Holy simoleons!

  • Karma cheat "Holy Simoleons is found on the main start page.
  • To use "Holy simoleons you have to have 5 play coins.
  • 5 play coins are needed to get the karma cheat
  • You can only recieve 10 play points in a day so about 5,500 simoleons every day can be made
  • If you do it daily it can add up to a large sum of money e.g 3 day = 16,500
  • There is no cheat for sims 3 pets 3ds 
  • Bags of money will drop down and you have to instruct your sim to collect the bag
  • Another way to get money is to have your dog dig for treasure and training it to.
  • You can earn promotions from your jobs.
  • Enjoy!!!Holy simoleons walkthrough!!! (Not my video)

Bags o' Money!

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