I've noticed something that has been bothering me since I joined the wikia. It's annoyed me how the Goth family page and other Goth family related articles are treated differently from the rest of the wiki's family pages and such.

First and foremost, the Goth family page. As more games and information has come out, more loose ends to the extensive Goth family have unfolded and promptly been denounced as having little relation to the family. The Goth page used to have other family bio boxes which contain information on Sims with the Goth name. Examples; Wulf Goth, Trish Goth. I am not saying that these two as well as serval others are directly related to the Goth family, however I am saying that according to the formatting of other family pages like the Crumplebottom family, the Alto family, the Wolff family, the Spector family, the Vanderburg family (need I go on?) and likely many others the family pages should include non-conformed relatives. Otherwise the following and many other pages should be updated immediately.

Second of all, the Goth's own personal category. Prior to my break from the wiki, the Goth category included pages like Mathilde Goth, Rebecca Goth and other articles which are not no longer a part of this category. When I first came to the wikia, the Goth category wrote "The Goth Family and related articles." and that phrase remains to this day. Are Sims with the last name Goth not relavant to the Goth family? Almost anyone who has played the Sims series or at least vistied the wiki enough knows how extensive the family is. There is more than a great chance that these Sims are related to the Goth family one way or another. Which leads me to my next point...

I presume all of you know the story of the original Bella Goth. Abducted by aliens, new Bella appears, ect, ect. And everyone has their own speculation. However, one connection I find so painfully obvious and overlooked is the late Bella Goth of Lunar Lakes. Lunar Lakes takes place in the furture in a foriegn land on the edge of space. In graveyard lies a distorted version Bella Goth. The original Bella was abduct by aliens whom roam space. This Bella is buried in a land at the edge of space. Is it really so hard to at least add a short sentence on one or both the Bella Goths' pages about this. The game designers clearly placed this here for a reason. These things do not happen on accident.

Lastly, is a particular Sim that has grown on me, Mathilde Goth. Mathilde is a premade mailwoman residing in Lunar Lakes. She has no traits and may not seem very interesting at first but looking at the broader picture around her, things become quite intruging. Along with the possiblity she is a relative of Lunar Lake's Bella Goth (which I can happily say is stated on her page, but sadly not on Bella's), the one little thing that bugs me is how she is not even said to have possilby been a descendant of any of the Goths. There is ont even mere mention of her appearance which is very similar to that of Bella Goth and Cassandra Goth, or the fact her name has similar formatting to a majority of the woman of the Goth family. These little clues are huge implication that could finally tied the Goth family together.

I hope this blog will make some impact on the way the Goth family and other pages are edited in the future.