I've been trying so hard to get the Big Boss (a removed NPC) working again, but no luck has came to me yet :(  I think his data is complete, but he isn't activated. He is completely disabled as he never arrives in his helicopter. Here's how his scenario may have played out:

Your Boss would call your Sim and a dialog box would pop up saying he is interested in coming over for dinner.

Then once 5 PM comes, a loud noise starts. A helicopter comes down from the sky and he climbs out of the helicopter knocking on the door. You answer, and the scenario starts right then and there. You schmooze about work and feed him a nice dinner, and if he is impressed, he will give you a promotion or even a big bonus for your hard work. If he didn't like it, he would possibly demote you or even fire you! Well, anyways. Here is what I can see from what the game describes:

His name is either Big Boss or Killed Boss.

His helicopter is an army green.

His outfit is not in the game except for the hat.

His face is possibly gone due to the fire that went out in the EA offices.

His data is close to complete, or complete. It seems as though his scenario never starts up, and he never shows up. That, or I'm doing something stupidly wrong.

The interesting thing is his phone call was set to "Normal" While it should be set to "SimType", like the headmaster. Yet HE would've called you at a random time instead of you calling him randomly. So if I can somehow link a Sim to his files, he may work!