Hi, I'm writing this blog because something really weird happened to me today and I was wondering if something similar happened to anyone before.

Basically my teen sim, Galen Shepard, was going to china for the second time when I was talking to someone and I clicked 'Local Gossip' and the notice said someone named Abi Shepard died and as it was the same surname as my character I was confused so I looked through the people I knew (yes she was dead so there was no point but I didn't think of it at the time) and in my contact list there was a child with that had the family symbol and I checked and it said it was Galen's son, with that I looked on my family tree where it confirmed that he was Galen's son (remember Galen is a teen so he can't have children) and i checked who the kid's mother was and it was Abi who was the old woman who I did the first adventure thing, which is even more weird due to the fact that i spoke to her once.

So I noticed that there are several problems with the situation:

  1. Galen is a teen so he can't have children or marry.
  2. He barely interacted with the old woman
  3. She was an old woman so she also can't have children
  4. Couldn't possibly be adoption due to the fact that the kid had Galen's hair colour and was a vampire like him.

So did this happen to anyone else or just me?

thanks for your time