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  • GothLoliManda

    I need help. I'm not patched up to most recent (I'm at 1.55) and I probably won't be patching my game, as I don't want to download Origin. However, I really really need to get Create a World.  Is there a way I can download the 1.55 verson of CAW from somewhere? Whenever I try to get it from the Store at this point, it just tells me my game is incompatable with this version of Create a World. I really do not want to download Origin, because every time I do, it makes my Internet throw pop-ups at me, even with ad-blockers, but at this point, it seems to be my only option, unless someone can help me out.

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  • GothLoliManda

    1) OH MY PLUMBBOB IT'S OLIVE SPECTER!! She was by far my favourate Strangetown Sim in The Sims 2, and ties for first with Bella Goth. I am just sitting here at my chair freaking out and my hampster is staring at me like I'm crazy. BUT IT'S OLIVE SPECTER.

    2) Victorian Gothic themes? I'm begining to thing this whole world was made especialy so I will start fangirling. Just as long as it's tastefull, and doesn't go too far into steryotypes (like every Sim in the town is depressed or something, because "goths are depressed" or something. Not true, by the way. Alright, back to topic...) I might save my birthday money and buy this world, which is saying something, because after I bought Aroura Skies, I swore to never buy a world again.

    3) Harry Po…

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  • GothLoliManda

    I've been busy doing a lot of nothing for the past few weeks, but I think TODAY will be the shocking conclusion to my fanfic,! I really hope it's good ^_^

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  • GothLoliManda


    What are you doing?

    Just...stop it. Maybe you could stop releacing new EPs while the game's still broken?

    I came across this sorta-slightly disturbing glitch: While playing normaly, no major mods or anything. It's weird.

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  • GothLoliManda


    ...Amanda said as she laid on the couch for an hour and a half watching old cartoons and not moving.

    Really, though. Tomorow I will be typing up the last little bit of my Fanfic. If you're interested in some other Sims 3 related stuff I've done...

    My "dramatic" series:

    (That's part one. It gets somewhat better, I swear.)


    (My game is glitchy-er than everyone elses....I have over 5 videos all about glitches!)

    Anyway, it's 2:30 AM, and I'm kinda tired... So have a good day/evening/afternoon/night.

    (I just realized this blog post is actually an advertisement about me. huehuehue...)

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