Hello, people! Well, summers on it's way, which means I will be avoiding the outdoors for the next four months. Which means playing LOTS AND LOTS OF THE SIMS 3 (And Bioshock Infinite. And Borderlands. But that's beside the point).  But, I'm begining to think that the Sims may not be worth the hundreds of dollars i've spent on it over the years.

EA released Dragon Valley today, and I was SO exited! Dragons! Medival stuff! DRAGONS! I exitedly click on the link to see it.... And it's something like $35 for the full package. For a world. Not an Expansion pack, not even a STUFF pack, a WORLD. I was so upset to see the price!

Yet, I'm not quite done buying Sims stuff yet! Island Paradise is coming out in a few weeks, and with that, Mermaids! And boats! I can't wait to make some pirate sims on a pirate ship! Ahh! I can't wait! I'm willikng to loose a few months' allowance for pirates, bot not a simple world.

Even if said world has dragons.

Ok, enough about EA and games, and more about me. My Fanfic is reaching its' conclusion!Only about two or three more chapters to go! The thing is, I had it all written out at one point, but I never got a chance to type up the whole thing, and I lost the papers. So basicaly everything after the chapter in Carol's point of veiw, I make up on the spot, see how it looks, and publish it. This is the creative process at work.

Anywho, I hope you have a nice day. I'm going to play Sims now. <3