I'm super happy about the newest Patch! Now I can finaly deside whether or not I want to be a Celebrity or not (with cheats)! I absolutely despise when I have a Sim I intended to be a shy loner, and because her brother is a Five-Star Celebrity, she has the Paparazzi hovering around her at all hours. I never really liked the Fame system very much. Also, I can edit my Vampires in CAS (Again, with cheats), because I always seem to find something I want to change in-game, and I don't want to have to go get Plastic Surgery at the Hospital. Also, I can't tell whether or not this is some kind of placebo-mind effect, but I beleve my Vampires eyes are brighter/more glowy/shiny then they used to be. Maybe that's just me, though. I've also heared through rumors that the Graveyard ghosts are fixed now, as in they don't leave! I've long griped about how my lovely Graveyard Ghosts leave in shoddy cars whenever I visit the graveyard, and I can't wait to see for myself if this is true.

Anyway, Supernatural is coming out VERY soon, (Along with my first day of school, wish me luck :-*), and I have a question for you, dear blog-reader: What new feature are you most exited about? New Life States, ability to make ghosts/vampires in CAS, Moonlight Falls, or something else? Tell me in the comments!