1) OH MY PLUMBBOB IT'S OLIVE SPECTER!! She was by far my favourate Strangetown Sim in The Sims 2, and ties for first with Bella Goth. I am just sitting here at my chair freaking out and my hampster is staring at me like I'm crazy. BUT IT'S OLIVE SPECTER.

2) Victorian Gothic themes? I'm begining to thing this whole world was made especialy so I will start fangirling. Just as long as it's tastefull, and doesn't go too far into steryotypes (like every Sim in the town is depressed or something, because "goths are depressed" or something. Not true, by the way. Alright, back to topic...) I might save my birthday money and buy this world, which is saying something, because after I bought Aroura Skies, I swore to never buy a world again.

3) Harry Potter referance! Yay! (Ravenclaw here :P)

4) No sun? How will they manage that? Will vamps be able to walk around in the daytime without having to use an elixour/lifetime reward that makes them sparkle? Hope so ^_^

5) Oh, the outfits... <3 The hair i've seen looks OK, but the outfits... <3

Ok, so I had to get this out of my system. I saw the background on the Exchange was different, so I immediatly ran over here to see what it was, then feaked out and started to type this. I am so exited, and I hope to get this world for my birthday (October 11! My 17th, and I'm already using the "it's almost my birthday" excuse any time I can...) and I'll probably start a legacy there... It's not even released yet, and I'm alredy making plans...

Happy Friday the 13th~!