Perhaps I'm a little late here, but Here's my reveiw of The Sims 3 Supernatural!

I got Supernatural for my birthday (which technacly is October 11th, but it was an early gift.) and it is pretty amazing! The new skills and potions/elixours are epic! I can go from a human to a SimBot to a Mummy to a Witch with only the flick of a wrist! The faries are all I ever imagined, the witches are also pretty cool, and werewolf interactios are pretty hilarious. I just realized I need to find a synonym for "pretty" and "amazing", but I'm out of words.

One of the main conserns I had before getting the game was the new graphics. I was worried that the fariy's wings and witche's sparkles/magic effects would slow down my game to snail's pace, but it's acctualy pretty good. Of course, my computer also runs the game on highest graphics and such with no lag at all, so maybe I'm not a very good jugde of graphical matters.

I'm still a little upset about the Twilight references, but really, I can chance the name of "La Shove" beach, and I don't buy the rewards/use the elixours that make my Vampires sparkely, so I hardly notice them. But did anyone else find Doctor Who's TARDIS? And a near replica of Harry Potter's broom? Well, to me it looks like Harry's broom. Also, there's a household that's a referance to the show "Being Human" and some other shows.

In all, I'm pretty happy with Supernatural. Moonlight Falls is really pretty, and zombies are fun. That's it!

(And just for the record, by the time you're reading this, I'm probably sixteen! Happy birthday to me! ~October !11th~) (Also, Happy birthay to my frind Kate! We're gonna destroy New Town! XD)