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Yay! First Blog!

Woo! Ok, what do I write here? Well, since The Sims 3 Supernatural is coming out soon, I'll say something about that.

Supernatural is the EP we've all been waiting for. Faries, Werewolves, Zombies and "improved" Vampires! Sign me up! But, I've been dissapointed by EA before (Showtime, anyone? It promiced so much, and I was dissapoint. But I digress...). Kind of a small side note, I've heared that there's going to be a new beach in the town of Moonlight Falls, called "Le Shove," that's suposed to be a nod to The Twilight Saga, where there's a beach called "Le Push"

Oh, please, dear god NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- *Ahem* sorry, I lost my sanity there for a second. I'm back now.

EA was acting like a huge sell-out with the Katy Perry/Showtime stupid special thing. I hope with all the hope in my cupcake-loving soul that they do not -DO NOT- accociate with the Twilight people. They're loons. Vampires NEVER sparkle, they catch fire in the sunlight! (Again, I digress...)

All in all, I am exited. I love the Supernatural thing.I can't wait to have a Faerie/Witch Lolita Sim!

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