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  • GreenMushroom

    Sun Valley

    It's like a Sim dies each week. Or SimS.

    • Gunther and Cornelia Goth died of old age. That's nice.
    • Tamara Donner died of electrocution.
    • Christa Donner also died two days later.
    • Blair Wainwright died of hunger.
    • More sims who are friends with my sim but didn't know or have forgotten who.

    Tamara, Christa, and Blair, are in the same household. I think. My teen is bestfriends with Christa. She's at their home after school for.. 3 times a week, I guess?

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  • GreenMushroom

    Have the tendency to be involved in same-sex relationships.

    Sun Valley

    • I found out VJ Alvi was in a relationship with Ethan Bunch when they became young adults.
    • When I resurrected VJ, I found out he had a different male sim as his romantic interest.
    • I just found out that Agnes Crumplebottom is in a relationship with another female sim. Can't remember who but I do remember having the thought, "Single Moms household?", when I found out.


    • My sim had the "Witnessed Romantic Betrayal" moodlet and had the option, "Express Sympathy For Dan." Before having that moodlet, he was playing chess with a male sim, who was in a relationship with a "Dan."

    Also, Sinbad Rotter is in a relationship with Goodwin Goode's girlfriend. I was surprised when I fou…

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  • GreenMushroom

    New Account

    April 12, 2011 by GreenMushroom

    Because I can't remember my password for the old one.

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